BASTT Platform

Demo of our dedicated Web-Platform for the CAC 40 index
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Trading Signals 

BUY (red) and SELL (green) signals result from an algorithm based on the Berman Scale© that detects low and high price levels.


Strategy Performance

Performance (%) of the trading signals on the index vs. the index (based on a long-only strategy).


Berman Scale - Time Series 

We derive the calculations of our Berman Scale© from the approach developed by Phillips et al. (2011) and Martelin et al. (2016). We test whether the recent pattern in an index level time series can be characterized as a bubble (i.e. a non-linear explosive behavior). A value of 10 and above indicates a high probability of a bubble.


Berman Scale - Current Magnitude 

The Berman Scale gauge shows were the index lies on the last available trading observation (day or month).


World Bubble Dashboard

The World Bubble Dashboard gives an overview of the bubble situation in the major financial markets.

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